Report on the 1st PAAGO Navi&Camp
2023.06.09 EVENT

Report on the 1st PAAGO Navi&Camp

Pergo Navican

In May 2023, the first Navi & Camp was held at the foot of Mt. Yatsugatake.

Navi&Camp is a Pergo Works fan event where two people can experience the fun of the outdoors through navigation sports and camping.

It consists of four competitions (rounds), and a training session is held before the start of each competition, so you can participate without hesitation even if you are playing for the first time.

  • Rogaining

    A rogaining game where you compete for the total points of the CP you spin within the time limit.

  • chucka and go

    A game that competes for fire-making skills and time.

  • pack and go

    A game that competes for the time to pack camping equipment for one night "quickly and neatly".

  • orienteering

    An orienteering style game where you compete for the total points of the CPs you spin within the time limit.

me and navican

This report is written by Takeshi Kuno, also known as Knorr. I'm a second year college student working part-time at Pergo Works.

When I was in high school, I devoted my youth to the mountain club and adventure races. From the sea to the mountains, from summer to winter, I was fascinated by the wide range of ways to play, and I always thought, "I want to do all the outdoor activities."

At that time, I was invited by an adventure race senior to participate in a Navicamp pre-event . It was there that I came across the words that changed my life. The brand concept of Pergoworks is “outdoor liberalism”. For someone like me who longed for a style that doesn't build walls and rejects all sorts of categories in the outdoors, such as runners, hikers, and adventure racers, those words fit perfectly. I contacted him immediately after the event, and after two interviews, I now work five days a week as a staff member.

Knorr (right) at last year's pre-event

Prepare for Confusion

It took a lot of time to prepare. Especially memorable is the "trial run". Two weeks before Navican , we did a "final test run". A trial run is a test run to see if the planned points, topography, vegetation, etc. shown on the existing map of the area to be used on the day of the event match the actual one, and whether the area range and course can be enjoyed without difficulty. It is a work to check the route.

The competition map was created by the Tortoise Orienteering Club. It is a circle that gathers the elite of the orienteering world, mainly active in the southern foot of Yatsugatake, and including the representative of Japan. Ms. Kume of Tortoise is known as the "Queen" in Pergo because she manages the fierce men she belongs to. In the test run, you will mainly move according to the Queen's instructions.

Queen: "Knorr, tell me if the contour lines or the map are wrong."

I "Agreed..." (The contour lines are wrong...?)

Shocking. I was so upset that I left out the "I did". I have lived on the premise that the map is correct, and I have never doubted the map.

While accurately grasping the topography and current location, even if there is a slight sense of incongruity, the true identity can be deciphered from the context of the map. I felt like I was solving a modern Japanese test question. I like navigation sports, so I am good at reading maps, but I never thought I would be thrown into the field of map making.

I have only been to the final test run once, but the Tortoise mapping team has visited the site many times and even held training camps. This event would not have been possible without Tortoise's cooperation.

A kind of road called "kiritoshi"
Queen Kume
It is also necessary to confirm that there is no "road"
I made a round trip to the stream many times to confirm the local situation.

the night before the reunion

The staff arrived at the site the day before the event. Once all of the Pergo and Tortoise staff were in place, we did a final check. I was teased by all the staff, saying that I was "getting flirtatious" instead of greeting them.

and the opening ceremony

Pergo staff Sukesan is in charge of MC. Mysterious high tension that seems to be possessed by something is selling. (It was an incredible amount of energy to have completed the 100km run a week ago.) In addition, outdoor model Akikazu Yamashita and trail runner Yuko Sugisaki were welcomed, and the event began with the signal of the strongest MC. increase.

Rogaining ~ Treasure Hunt for Adults ~

The first competition will finally begin on the stage of Fujimi Kogen. Round 1 is Rogaining, a navigational sport where you rely on a map and a compass to earn the points indicated on the map. This time, we adopted a photologaining format where you take a picture when you arrive at the point.

Immediately after the start, a team that runs up the slope, a team that calmly starts a strategy meeting, and a team that aims to create a fashionable cafe in the town of Fujimi-cho will start in different directions.

Earn points by taking pictures
Photo personality is also important

There is something called a "beer ticket" in this competition. A ticket that can be exchanged for a free drink at BASE CAMP, a bar at the main venue. However, I don't know which checkpoint it's hidden in. The team that finds it is very lucky, but only one team was able to find it this time. And two. What a stroke of luck!

No.24 AYlaters Get a beer ticket!

The goal scene also varies depending on the team. Leisurely, full power dash, big lateness and individuality came out. After reaching the finish line, we had a relaxing time drinking delicious beer and listening to each other's routes, relaxing in the nearby hot springs.

President's point

The president's point is the point given by the president's whims, prejudices, and arbitrary decisions.

We will introduce the three unique teams that won this time.

1/No.15 Ham-chans (2 points)

Even though he was 50 minutes late for the Rogaining course closing and received 2000 points, he didn't give up until the end and thoroughly enjoyed Fujimi Kogen.

2/No.7 King Igawa (2 points)

pretty. that's all. I won the president's point with a simple and strongest smile.

3/No.5 Sunoko and Sadako (10 points)

No desire to run, it's okay. As long as it's fun. It's the preparation of the costume and the signboard that just says so.

Chakka and Go ~Fighting and Hot Water~

Light the fire and boil the water. It is a competition of "Bonfire", which is basic but deep in the camp. Sakurai and A-suke are definitely professionals in that field. Successful ignition with a metal match blow in the course. A cheer went up.

A team that pushed through with overwhelming lung capacity, a team that adjusted the air path cleverly, and a team that didn't even raise sparks, everyone had a hot development. (Watch out for burns!)

When the water boils, raise your hand to appeal, and the judges will go to measure with a thermometer.

talk show & party

Night is talk show and party time. Around the fire made with R-2, we enjoyed eating and interacting in our own way, and the talk show started when it was getting dark. The topic is development. A mind-boggling number of samples made for the RUSH series, which was just released this year, and prototypes of newly developed products were displayed, and we were able to get a glimpse of behind-the-scenes development that we don't usually get to see. .

2nd morning

The second day of Navi Camp starts with radio calisthenics. MC Sukesan has a good reputation for movements that are not expected in radio exercises.

Next up is "Totsugeki! Neighborhood Campsite." There is no one better than Sakurai when it comes to love for gear. I will explain the gear of the participants with an overwhelming amount of knowledge.

Sukesan who has "raised". There is no such movement in radio gymnastics.
Living gear dictionary Sakurai. If you're having trouble with your gear, ask him.
Pack and Go ~The game starts before you go to bed~

Round 3 is a competition for packing technology. Packing is one of the most important factors in maintaining high performance in the scene where you carry camping equipment. In the packing lecture by the president, careful explanations were developed from the basics of packing, such as how to fold the luggage to be loaded, the order, and differences depending on the pack, to tips.

Rounds 3-4 will be played consecutively. Therefore, completing Round 3 speedily and carefully and keeping the inside of the tent in order will be the key to the later competition.

Orienteering ~Points not on the map~

Participants who finished packing went into the forest one after another. Orienteering, like Round 1, is a game where points are scored using a map and compass. And here, too, there is a special rule, "move points". A movement point is a point where a human can move freely around the map area as a checkpoint. Of course, it is a point that is not shown on the map, so whether or not you can earn it depends entirely on your luck.

I was in charge of the movement point on the north side of the map. The moment our eyes met by chance, the team chased me with a big smile and said, "Wait!" The last game will come to an end while repeating such a thing.

Awards and closing.

All competitions are over. After all the points were scored, we held an award ceremony. The 1st Navi&Camp was won by the TEN'n'OJI team, an all-rounder who enjoys outdoor activities such as trail running and backcountry.

1st TEN'n'OJI All competitions were well-balanced and won the championship.

A young female duo who are expected to play an active part in the 2nd Midori no Koya OMM.

3rd Sunoko and Sada Koneta should be on top.

Teams with different characters line up on the podium. A sight unique to Navican.


One of the themes of Navican is "encounter".

It's a great chance to get to know people you don't usually interact with and about Pergoworks. This time, while working as a staff member, I was able to hear for the first time about the EXTERRA competition and the Oriental bible "Saruori".

In this way, I think that Navi Camp will help you to expand your world by learning about sports that you don't know, and by actually trying them, just by having a common point of "love the outdoors".

It is the same for us at Pergo Works, and we would like to have more people participate and meet more people each time we do it.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who participated in the memorable first event of this event, which will continue for the second and third time. I would like to create a special event.