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ULTRA-TRAIL Mt.FUJI/Participation Report (Natsumi Yamauchi)
2023.05.16 REPORT RUN

ULTRA-TRAIL Mt.FUJI/Participation Report (Natsumi Yamauchi)

UTMF in 2023 will be held with participants from overseas as before the corona disaster. As usual, there were two races, 100 miles and 69k, but the names were changed to "FUJI" and "KAI" respectively. This race report will be delivered in the form of an interview with the contestants!

KAI: Interview with Natsumi Yamauchi

Following Mr. Mamba, who participated in FUJI, Natsumi Yamauchi, who participated in the KAI 65k that started on the 23rd, will appear! In 2022, he won 3rd place with a time of 10:48:39, and in 2023, he sprained his ankle just before the race, but improved his time from the previous time and finished 4th with a time of 9:30:23. We had a look back at the race.

Profile of Natsumi Yamauchi

When he was a student, he was active in the trampoline club. When I practiced running around the nearby mountains, I started trail running. Currently based in Shizuoka, he participates in road races in the winter, and training and races in the green season for trail running. We have a long relationship with Pergo Works, having them come as guests at events, appear in the new RUSH image movie, and always show up at the Pergo booth during races. In 2022, he won a prize at Doi inthanon by UTMB (PAGODA50) in December, and in 2023, he will participate in UTMB Mont-Blanc (CCC/100k), which will be held from August 28th to September 3rd.

"KAI" starts at Fuji-Q Highland, passes Lake Yamanaka, Mt. Ishiwari, Mt. Shakushi, crosses Mt. course. There were 158 female runners.

―Congratulations on winning 4th place! First of all, please tell us about the conditions before the race and what you kept in mind.

Actually, I had a big sprain 5 days before the race, and it was painful to walk. I couldn't run like I used to, so I focused on non-running training such as squats and taking care of my body. On the day of the race, I was worried about my lack of running, but I always practiced too much before the race and got tired, so in the end, I think I was able to make a good adjustment.

Since I had a sprain and my leg tends to cramp, taping is essential, but this time I had a professional put it on instead of doing it myself, so I was able to run without worrying about pain. I didn't feel much pain during the race, probably because I was pumped with adrenaline, but after the race, when I saw my elephant's legs, all of a sudden I felt pain... (laughs).

The early stage of the race where the group advanced a long distance

―I really couldn't take my eyes off this KAI race because the players were running together for a long section. What was the atmosphere like in the crowd at the beginning of the race?

I used a different adjustment method than usual, and I was worried about the pain in my legs, so I didn't rush in at the start and started at a jog pace. If I raise my pace too much, it will drop off sharply, and I usually like to keep my pace calmly, so until Oshino, I ask the people around me, "How much pace are you going today?" We were running while we were talking.
I think I was running like I was protecting my legs. Going downhill puts a strain on my legs, so I was cautious and slowed down. Overall, the pace was fast, so I was very grateful that the people around me pulled me along.
The situation of being left out didn't feel like a crack, and it was a positive stimulus to say that it was amazing and that I had to do my best.

―I feel like I'm running with my running friends (laughs). How long and how did you rest at each aid?

This time, the overall pace was faster, so my stay was shorter than usual. Last year, I stayed for about 10 minutes at each aid and ate various things, but this time everyone is going to fly through the aid, so I will stay for about 1 to 3 minutes and replenish with 2 bananas. bottom.

-I see. I can feel that people are coming from behind me, and I feel like I know where I am when I am told the order in aid.

I agree. I had decided to go at my own pace, but when I heard about the situation at the aid, there were parts that I became conscious of. However, this time I shortened the aid time and replenished less, but I discovered that I didn't have a calorie deficit.
During the race, I chewed the medalist well and ate once every 45 minutes. I finished eating 10 salt tablets, and added the ones prepared for Aid on the way. After that, I put jelly in my stomach and right back pocket.
Compared to the high temperature at the FUJI race the day before, the KAI race day had good weather, so I was lucky that I didn't feel the need to rest too much.

―It's hard to imagine because all the pictures during the race were smiling... What was the hardest part for you this time?

It was hard to climb Mt. Shakushi and I was out of breath. I think that people around me could hear him saying "Zeha" (laughs). Power walk rather than run. But the bell has been ringing!

Painful but fun? The reason why I couldn't stop smiling

-Smiling after all! (Laughs) Last year we won 3rd place, and this year the members are different, so I don't think it's possible to say simply, but let's get results! Let's have fun with that feeling! Which of these feelings did you have more weight on?

I had an ankle injury, so I thought it would be difficult to finish in the higher ranks. I was conscious of the ranking, saying, "I don't want to be overtaken" (laughs).

―The photo of you hugging with Misaki Nonaga right after you scored was so moving. They're both cool. There were many young runners this time.

I was able to meet Misaki, who is also a rush runner, and it was the best time to celebrate the goal together with Pergo Works.
It was a really hard race with everyone. This time, my goal was to have fun rather than set a record, but when I achieved my best performance and reached the finish line, I was amazed at how much I could run.
I was trying to keep my pace, but overall the pace was fast, and I had to keep up with it. I also discovered that by shortening Aid's stay, my legs didn't feel heavy in the second half.
It was fun to be able to run at the same speed as the people of the same generation who I am familiar with in other races, and everyone cheering me on near the finish line was the best race ever!
I was very happy that the Pergo Works staff were waiting for me at the finish line for the second year in a row.

―Please give a message to those who have just started trail running and those who are about to start.

I think most people think that the image of running in the mountains is hard and tough. Climb the mountain first, walk briskly only on the descent, and then start running little by little as you get used to it.
Breathe in the natural air and find your own mountain running pleasure. I think it's good to have a view of the top of the mountain or sweets at the top of the mountain.

As you enjoy running, your physical strength will keep up! I think there will be more friends to enjoy together! I would be really happy if you love mountains for a long time.
I'm looking forward to seeing you on the mountain somewhere.

Despite the fact that we had an interview right after the race, Nacchan was so caring and kind that he worried about the physical condition of the staff who had been at the event for the last four days... (tears). The Pergo team will follow us closely at the UTMB Mont Blanc in August, so please support us!

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