Pergoworks is a Japanese outdoor brand that started in 2011.

When everyone was away from the outdoors due to the earthquake, we named it PAAGOWORKS with the meaning of Pack and Go!

Toru Saito, who has been active as an outdoor product designer for many years, started this brand with the feeling of "Is there anything I can do for the world?"


All Pergoworks products are designed and developed in Japan. Based on their experience in the outdoors, all of our staff come up with ideas, create prototypes, and conduct field tests. Whether it is a tool that we want to use, of course, is it comfortable for users to use? In order to value usability, we spend a lot of time developing.


All Pergoworks products are produced in partner factories in Asia. They are an experienced team that has been entrusted with the production of Western outdoor brands for many years. In order to pursue first-class product quality and cost performance, we communicate daily, product development and production management. This is our pride.


Pergoworks products want to grow with users. Communication with users is essential for this.
Every weekend, we open a store at outdoor events and listen to users' opinions by playing catch on SNS. We also actively incorporate feedback from sales and repair teams, as well as opinions from stores, and use them in product development. Because I believe that it is the ideal manufacturing.


We want Pergoworks products to stimulate users' sense of adventure and creativity.
I want many people to enjoy the outdoors through tools.
For that reason, we value unique ideas that are not bound by common sense and a willingness to take on challenges.

The brand slogan is "outdoor liberalism."
Enjoy the outdoors more freely! Let's make tools more freely! It expresses the spirit of Pergo Works.
Because we believe that the world will be a better place if everyone enjoys nature.

"Outdoor Liberalism"

We continue to create things and things with a free spirit,

It arouses everyone's curiosity.

With passion and sincerity.