Ultra-Trail Mt. FUJI event report
2023.04.26 EVENT

Ultra-Trail Mt. FUJI event report

At the end of April, Japan's largest trail running race "Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji" started under the drought like midsummer. This year marks the ninth time for this trail running race around Mt. Fuji, the symbol of Japan. This year, for the first time in four years, the world's top runners participated in the race, and the long and fierce battle unfolded. Pergo Works, which exhibits at the EXPO booth every year, went to support the RUSH runners this time as well. This race always has a class reunion atmosphere, and all the staff look forward to it every year. Meet New Rush and Repair at this year's booth. photo service. And we came with player support and lots of content!

What a 20th MEET NEW RUSH!

"MEET NEW RUSH" started with last year's Izu Trail Journey. This is a campaign to experience the new RUSH developed with runners. What a 20th time this time! Nationwide tour around Fukui, Aichi, Kyoto, Takao, etc.? reached its climax at this venue. I wanted to have the strongest 2 tops, Mr. Suke and Mr. Kaku, but the number of visitors was more than expected, and there was not enough manpower or space. I'm sorry to everyone who couldn't serve customers properly.

Familiar repair service

It seems that the repair service at the race venue, which started five years ago, has become well established, and the number of repeaters has increased recently. "I had it repaired here last year, but it broke again..." or "I want my wife's RUSH to be fixed..." and so on. We received about 20 repairs in 4 days. Everyone is attached to RUSH, which has shared the hardships and fun of racing, so we also repaired it with love.

Popular RUSH 11R

This time, everyone was very interested in the RUSH 11R! It's a model for long races, so it's natural, but I think it was also attractive that it was developed based on the RUSH UT. "Wow, it's getting better. It's a shame!" said one UT user who tried it on. I felt a little sorry and a feeling of "I'm glad I did it!"

Pachitto Commemorative Photo Service

We had a commemorative photo service for all the RUSH runners who woke up at the booth. They have very happy faces. Please take a look.


photo link

Hot player support

This year, we support RUSH runner Takumi Sawayanagi. I was maintaining around 6th place until the middle stage of the race, but I had a hard time retiring at Nijumagari Pass in the latter half. All the staff were impressed by the aggressive appearance that seriously aimed for the top! ! thank you!

RUSH runner is very active!

This time, a surprising number of runners carried RUSH on their backs for both FUJI and KAI. Until now, many runners in the volume zone were regular users, but recently the number of fast RUSH users has increased. When I saw them on the podium, I secretly burst into tears. Pergoworks is not a brand that only seeks results, but I was happy to see them shine .


That's it, once again, we've told you about the Pergo Works, which is going all out! It was a great weekend to reunite with customers and friends I haven't seen in a while. Thank you very much to everyone who came!

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