Your own pace at your own place

NINJA TENT is more than a sleeping tent.




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Your own pace at your own place

NINJA TENT is more than a sleeping tent.







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NINJA TENT is more than a sleeping tent


NINJA TENT is for backpackers who love long journeys and adventures.

Spacious awning room

You can comfortably spend long days in the tent, whether on long trails or during extended camping. To create a spacious and easy-to-use vestibule, we designed a trapezoidal floor that expands toward the front and added an entrance on the long side. Additionally, the unique frame structure raises the entrance side, providing ample head clearance.

Sleeps up to two people

Wide entrance

This spacious tent provides ample space to take in the landscape or just simply relax while guaranteeing privacy. If you want to enjoy your meals outdoors, extend the awning on the tent’s front flap to create a larger space.

Wide entrance

The large opening is designed with consideration for spending time in the vestibule. There is plenty of headroom, ensuring no stress while entering or exiting. The floor area is just right for one person and spacious enough for two to sleep comfortably.

Wind control

Large mesh panels

The tent comes with unique ventilation technology to control wind and air flow by easily adjusting the rear flysheet from the comfort of your tent.

Large mesh panels

The inner tent is equipped with large mesh panels on both the front and back. The hanging design prevents heat buildup between the flysheet and the inner tent.

Light yet comfortable

Unique material

By carefully selecting our materials, we are able to produce this tent that is lightweight yet durable. The pole is made up of DAC NSL Featherlight™. Both sides of the flysheet and inner tent’s floor fabric are made up of silicon-coated nylon.

Maximum utility

Inside, there are six large utility pockets and six gear loops on the ceiling. There’s also a rear access zipper, creating a well-equipped indoor space.

Practical Innovation

Ninja Storage Case

The NINJA TENT reflects our “Ninja” style: smooth, discreet and quick. You can pack your tent quickly and easily in a unique rollable and foldable storage bag. It’s easy to pack up the tent by using its pole as the central axis. When packed, the tent takes up 45 x 15 centimeters and is practical for bikepacking.

Unique rain drainage system

To prevent water from pooling at the front of the flysheet during rain, an innovative drainage mechanism has been incorporated. You can comfortably spend time with the flysheet raised even in light rain.

HOW TO set up

HOW TO use seam-sealer


NINJA TENTの開発のきっかけは今から4年前(2016年)、NINJA TARPの生産地をベトナムに移した時にまで遡ります。新たに探し出したその工場は古くから業界をリードしてきた一流の工場。生産ラインには憧れのアメリカンブランドの軽量テントが多く作られていました。そんな彼らが日本の小さなオーダーを受けてくれるとは思えませんでしたが、我々の情熱が伝わったのか、快くNINJA TARPの生産を請け負ってくれました。これは本当に嬉しい出来事でした。


しかし一方で落とし穴もありました。最初に出来上がった工場サンプルが、どう見ても我々の指示より狭くて小さいのです。世界一のテントメーカーが、なんでこんなミスをするのか!? 少し幻滅した気持ちで現地に飛び、彼らの目の前でテントを張って測ってみせました。自分の正しさと彼らのミスを証明したかったのです。



そう、NINJA TENTは「デザイナーが調子に乗ると周りの人々が苦労する」という典型的なパターンから生まれた我がままプロダクトなのです。

NINJA TENTを手に入れた人は、ぜひデザイナーの我がままっぷりを感じ取ってください。


2019/10/25 Tetsu Saito

2 ppl
1160g(A rain fly, an inner tent and 2 poles.)
30D Nylon selicon-coated
Rain Resistance
3700mm (A rain fly and the bottom of an inner tent)
a stuff bag, 7 pegs, 2 guylines, a ground seat and a repair kit