The ultimate solo traveler cooker

With a focus on ease of cooking and storability, we have created a versatile cooking utensil that can be used in a variety of situations and ideas.

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The ultimate solo traveler cooker

With a focus on ease of cooking and storability, we have created a versatile cooking utensil that can be used in a variety of situations and ideas.




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Excellent Cookability

Incredibly Versatile Deep Pot

This deep pot can boil, cook, and simmer, making it versatile for all types of cooking. Its rounded rectangular shape is the ultimate form designed for solo camping versatility.

Versatile Frying Pan

The frying pan is designed to be deep, allowing for cooking not only grilled and stir-fried dishes but also those with a lot of liquid, expanding your culinary options.

Great for Ready-to-Eat Meals

The size is carefully designed to accommodate single-serving retort pouches and instant noodles for easy boiling and cooking.

Developed Simultaneously with the Fire Pit

Developed simultaneously with NINJA Firestand Solo, TRAILPOT offers high stability and space efficiency, allowing you to enjoy campfire cooking with confidence.

High Storage Efficiency

The Concept of a Pot as Gear Container

Focused on storage efficiency for transport, the dimensions were carefully chosen to accommodate various cooking tools. It can fit a 110 size gas cartridge, and using a frying pan as a lid, it can also store a 250 can size, truly making it a gear container.

The Pleasure of a Perfect Fit

One of the joys of using the TRAILPOT is creating your own personalized kitchen set. Start by placing your favorite items inside, and you’ll be amazed by the Cinderella fit.

Your Travel Companion

The square shape fits well in backpacks, making it suitable for hiking and human-powered travel like cycling.

Doesn't Clash with Camping Gear

It pairs well with other camping gear and fits neatly into its case, making it ideal for car camping and solo adventures.

Meticulously Crafted Design

Stability, Security, Safety

The stable shape can be used safely over a campfire or burner. The butterfly-shaped handle is about 13 cm long, designed to minimize heat transfer to the hand.

Easy Maintenance and Convenience

The bottom of the frying pan features a ribbed design that prevents sticking and enhances strength. Both the frying pan and deep pot are coated with easy-to-clean fluorine resin.

Makes Rice Delicious

The deep pot has a practical capacity of 1 liter (1.2 liters when full), with measurement markings indicating every 200 ml up to 1000 ml. It can cook up to two cups of rice, with specific water level markings for rice cooking.

Not Just a Lid

The lid's knob is designed to be easily grasped with gloves or tongs, and the edges are raised about 15mm to allow the lid to double as a plate.

Bags Take Center Stage

The storage bag stands upright for stress-free access. It can also be used as a place to set ingredients, seasonings, and utensils during cooking. Made with protective cushioning material.

Maximum effect with minimal materials

The material used is 1mm thick aluminum. This design minimizes waste while maintaining strength and durability, achieving a lightweight of 440g for the three-piece set.



"Recently, there haven't been any interesting mess tins on the market. The times can't keep up with me."

This comment from a staff member ignited my designer's spirit. He is a self-proclaimed gear enthusiast with over 100 cookers lined up at his home. This project began with the aim of impressing him.

First, we considered the basics: round or square? Capacity? Depth? Handle design? The initial stages of design are always incredibly fun and exciting for me. Then we narrowed down the focus. Days were spent operating a drill press instead of a sewing machine, and working with aluminum sheets instead of fabric, turning our studio into a small workshop. After many discussions with the staff, we settled on a square-shaped cooker. The concept of a "satisfying Cinderella fit" and "wanting to cook delicious meals with ingredients available at convenience stores" guided the design process, and by 2020, we had a prototype.

The delay in release was due to the difficulty of finding a factory and the challenges of mass production. Achieving the desired quality took a long time. Unlike with backpack factories, the process was different, and the pandemic further hindered progress. We had to switch factories multiple times, each time creating new molds, which resulted in wasted resources. This product required the most time, initial investment, development costs, and labor hours.

During this period, solo camping gained popularity, mess tins became trendy, and then the boom subsided, putting us at a commercial disadvantage. However, we are unconcerned because we've created such a user-friendly and timeless design. After starting in 2018, we finally reached the point of release. I hope gear enthusiasts who appreciate a Cinderella fit will enjoy using this product.

2022/12/29 Tetsu Saito

Main Material
Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Water Capacity: 1.2L
Included Items
Deep Pot, Frying Pan, Lid, Mesh Bag
Interior Finish
Fluoropolymer Coating
Exterior Finish