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<Regarding the pre-order sale of the Ninja Tent>

<Regarding the pre-order sale of the Ninja Tent>
From May 16, 2023, we will start pre-ordering the Ninja Tent.

●Release method
NINJA TENT is a limited model sold only at the Pergo Works web store.
In order to avoid confusion at the time of release, it will be a reservation sale.

● Release schedule
May 16 (Tue) 13:30- Reservation acceptance start
Sequential shipping at the end of May

* There is an upper limit to the reservation frame. If you reach the limit, the reservation will be terminated.
*Purchase for the purpose of resale is strictly prohibited.
*A delivery note (warranty) is included with the Ninja Tent, and the purchaser information is listed.
*Please purchase up to one per person.
* Regular items and reserved items cannot be purchased together.
*From this sale, the price of the Ninja Tent will be revised to 59,400 yen (tax included). We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.