Read the map during the day, drink only at night

PAAGO Navi & Camp is a Pergo Works fan event where you can experience the fun of the outdoors through navigation sports and camping. Participate in teams of two and compete in outdoor power in both two types of games to measure navigation skills (rogaining and orienteering) and two types of games to measure camping skills (packing and cooking). Fight in earnest during the day, surround the bonfire at night, and interact with other participants!

We are devising ways to enjoy rogaining and bonfires even for those who are new to it. The theme behind this event is “learning”. Before every game there is a simple demonstration by a "master". Even beginners are encouraged to participate.

State of the pre-event to be held in 2022

Event overview

  • Date: 2023/5/27, 5/28
  • Location: Fujimi Town, Suwa District, Nagano Prefecture
  • Venue: Fujimi Kogen Resort
  • Participation fee: 1 team 2 people 20,000 yen (tax included)
  • Capacity: 140 people in 70 groups

In case of stormy weather, it will be postponed to 6/24 and 6/25. Whether the event will be held or not will be notified to the email address you applied for on Tuesday, May 23rd.

  • Rogaining

    A rogaining game where you compete for the total points of the CP you spin within the time limit.

  • chucka and go

    A game that competes for fire-making skills and time.

  • pack and go

    A game that competes for the time to pack camping equipment for one night "quickly and neatly".

  • orienteering

    An orienteering style game where you compete for the total points of the CPs you spin within the time limit.

  • Paago's Shop

    Exhibit and sell the entire lineup of Pergo Works. Rare samples that can only be obtained here!

  • A-suke's Bar

    A bar counter by Mr. A-suke, the master of Cafe Base Camp in Suidobashi. Special smoked snacks are the highlight!

  • Design Talks

    A talk show where designers and users can interact during bonfire time.

  • DAY1

    8:30 reception

    9:30 Opening ceremony

    10:30 Competition 1 Rogaining (4h)

    14:30 Course closed

    17:00 Competition 2 Chukka and Go

    19:00 Talk show & party

    (Please enjoy socializing after the competition.)

  • DAY2

    7:00 Radio gymnastics

    9:30 Competition 3 Pack and Go

    Competition 4 Orienteering (3h)

    13:00 Course closed

    13:30 Award Ceremony / Dissolution


  1. The team with the most points in 4 games over 2 days wins. (with capricious president points)
  2. Be sure to act in teams of two during the competition.
  3. Please share the equipment required during the competition with your team. (Depot to the campsite is not possible)
  4. Do not enter the restricted areas indicated on the map.
  5. If you are unable to continue the race due to injury, fatigue, hypothermia, dehydration, etc., please stop the race immediately, wait in a safe place, or take a biberg if necessary. Emergency contact phone numbers are included on the map.
  6. Please wear your number at all times during the competition.


  • must-have equipment

    1. Equipment for overnight camping
    2. Beverage (2L recommended. Water supply is available at the campsite.)
    3. Food (for 2 days)
    4. Map (distributed at the start)
    5. compass
    6. rainwear
    7. First aid, health insurance card (copy acceptable)
    8. light
    9. mobile phone
  • Recommendation

    1. Winter clothes (The venue is at a high altitude, and it gets cold in the morning and evening.)
    2. Change of clothes (There are bathing facilities near the campsite.)
    3. Top and bottom long-sleeved wear (some areas have thick bushes.)
    4. Battery (There is a stage that uses a smartphone. It is recommended to carry a mobile battery.)
    5. Fun Goods (It's party time at night.)
  • Equipment example 1

  • Equipment example 2

  • Equipment example 3

Scene from the pre-event

Prior to this event, pre-events were held in May and September of last year, and monitors participated.

At the pre-event, we prepared unique Pergoworks-like mechanisms in various places while focusing on navigation games, so that everyone could enjoy themselves.

Emphasis was placed on enjoying the nature at the foot of Mt. Yatsugatake to the fullest, rather than competitiveness. I would like to introduce some of the testimonials that we have received from our monitors.