For all outdoor people

A new lightweight and water-resistant three-way bag
for quick access to your map, water and snacks

Light and highly resistant to water

To create a lightweight and water-resistant bag for SWING, we focused on the material and design. We chose 100D robic nylon, which is lightweight, as the material, which we then treated with polytetrafluoroethylene to make it durable and water-repellent before applying two layers of PU coating. We also reduced the seams as much as possible in order to minimize the entry of rainwater and used a waterproof zipper for each pocket. As a result, we managed to create a water-resistant bag that is approx. 50% lighter than Pathfinder.

Approx. 50% lighter than Pathfinder
(L=Approx. 140 g; M=Approx. 110g)

Polytetrafluoroethylene coating is applied to create a durable and water-repellent material.

Take it everywhere you go

We developed a three-way bag for SWING so that it can be used for all outdoor activities. It can be converted to a chest bag using the attachment, which not only helps to distribute the weight from your backpack, but also makes it easier for you to reach your map and water. Alternatively, it can be used on its own as a shoulder bag or waist bag by using the attached shoulder belt.




Store all you need in one bag

We did not only design SWING to meet all your needs for outdoor activities; we also considered the usage frequency of certain items and their accessibility. That is why we built the main body as a flap bag so that you can adjust the capacity and store snacks, water and other small items. Phones, wallets and other items that may get lost or wet can be stored in the zippered front pocket, while maps, compass and other items that you need to find quickly can go in the map pocket at the back. We added four belt loops on the front side for you to hang your sunglasses and other accessories. We also designed the bag to be flat when there is nothing stored inside.

SWING-M (Front)

SWING-M (Back)

SWING-L (Front)

SWING-L (Back)

Available in two sizes

We offer two sizes for SWING. The L size allows you to store a 500 ml bottle and open maps of “Yama to Kogen Chizu”(Mountain and Highland Maps), while the M size allows you to store a 350 ml bottle and folded maps. You can adjust the capacity for both sizes by moving the flap up and down.



Can be converted to a camera bag (optional)

We also provide an inner camera bag as an option for SWING-L. This bag allows you to store mirrorless and popular SLR cameras securely. It is detachable so you can take advantage of that and use it for a variety of activities. (The size is approximately the same as the old FOCUS-L.)

Separately sold inner camera bag

Compatible with mirrorless and medium-sized SLR cameras

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