Run further, run longer

The “RUSH PROJECT” was launched in order to create a new trail run backpack for Japanese people. Through a nationwide joint development campaign with our core shops as well as the runners themselves, we finally came to an ideal backpack. We are proud to release our first edition, RUSH 7. RUSH 7 is the perfect backpack for a one-day race or training, and boasts both a compact size and a comfortable feel, as well as stress-free usability.

VEST WRAP design

The biggest feature of RUSH is in its original structure named “VEST WRAP.” The stretchable material and the gusset-free pattern respond flexibly to luggage capacity change, and offers a comfortable feel to the user. RUSH is a simple outcome of our research into the required elements for a trail run backpack.

Flexible adaptability to capacity change
RUSH's capacity is adjustable starting from 0L up to 7L, depending on the size of the luggage. It guarantees a comfortable feel regardless of the load.

High stability
RUSH holds the luggage firmly in place with stretchable spandex. Thanks to the unique cut, RUSH prevents the luggage from expansion/contraction in the load direction, avoiding any pitching movement while in motion such as running.

Ergonomic design
The shoulder harness and the back panel are integrally sewn to fit the standard Japanese body type. We adopted a fast drying AIR MESH.

Padded shoulder harness
RUSH comes with a built-in shoulder pad often omitted in a normal vest-type backpack. By using an inner stitching, more area is in direct contact with the body, therefore distributing the load.


In order to achieve our ambitious goal to create a backpack which fits “petite women as well as big men, regardless of their body types” and which is “easy to adjust, even while running,” RUSH boasts both a wide capacity range and a stress-free operability, not found in other commercial vest-type backpacks.

Double chest belt
The rail-type chest belt has a high degree of freedom in the vertical direction, allowing you to adjust the impact to your chest while running. (Slide width approx. 20cm, belt adjustment width: 0 ~ 20cm)

Side adjusters
Equipped with side adjustment belts under the armpits, enabling size adjustment according to your body type. (Belt adjustment width: 0 ~ 25cm chest; chest width approx. 60 ~ 100cm)


“The user can take out any articles without stress even while running.” “The backpack can easily store a variety of materials.” ---We conducted research and tests from a universal design's point of view. Any pocket is easily accessible in one movement without having to look at your hand.

Main compartment
Rush is made from stretchable spandex, and the special cutting form will remain firmly closed while running.

Hydration pocket
A hydration compartment of 1.5L capacity on the back is easily accessible by a straight zipper. (Hydration pack is not included.) By extending the hydration hose exit as much as possible, we succeeded in increasing unity with the backpack, which keeps the hose from flapping against the backpack.

Outer pocket (only for 12, 12S)
For Rush 12 and Rush 12S, there is a outer pocket to hold a rainwear and stocks.

Organizer Pocket
A mesh pocket for small items, a key hook, and a ZIPLOCK size pocket are all located on the inside of the backpack, preventing you from losing important belongings.


One of the most important elements in trail run backpack is the keyword “Tireless.” Running in the mountains itself is an activity high in physical and psychological stress. So, how can we reduce this stress? That's the big question when creating a backpack. Taking water and energy supply, or checking the current location on the map or your watch while running ---an ideal backpack allows you to carry out each of these tasks without any psychological stress, and enables you to carry the backpack with ease and without any physical stress. It's easy to say, but rather difficult to create.

Let me tell you an old story. The first time I designed a trail running backpack was when I competed in the 3rd Hasetsune Race in 1995. Even back then, my vision was to create a “tireless” backpack. Many companies compete to create high-quality backpacks today, with the same vision in mind. “Tireless” has been, and still is, a universal goal for designers for the past two decades.

So the question is, how do you approach this theme and achieve the goal? I decided to first spend more time running in the mountains myself, and I spent a lot of time creating numerous prototypes and testing other products. At the same time I also listened to the opinions of my fellow runners, and eventually, through researching the runners' needs and creating numerous prototypes, I reached a very simple answer. This is how the VESTWRAP was born, and the RUSH PROJECT was officially launched.

The RUSH PROJECT is a joint development project. Collaborating with the core shops nationwide and the runners we met through various means such as the SNS, we provided them with prototypes and got their feedback. Over 10 months, we created more than ten prototypes and 25 test samples, worked with 25 test users, as well as tested our product during more than 30 race appearances--- a scale that went far beyond our initial expectations. Upon collecting opinions and advice from these experiences and analyzing them, further prototypes were created. It was a long and difficult process, but I think we succeeded in incorporating not only the top runners' opinions, but also those of our fan runners. I think that led us to the creation of a “true universal design.” Needless to say, PaaGo WORKS wouldn't have been able to face this challenge alone. Without exaggeration, a true backpack for the Japanese people was born.

Looking forward to seeing many RUSH backpacks on the trail this fall!

Pack and go!


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