Light as Air

So light and comfortable that you will forget you are wearing a running pack.
Wear it on the street or pack it in your luggage for your next holiday destination.
Let’s be more active every day!

Lightweight, comfortable and compact pack

The RUSH 3 AIR is a lightweight running vest. The stretchable power mesh can fit many items and ensures a high level of breathability. It folds into a palm-sized pouch, making it the perfect fit for daily use and travel.

The main pocket has no zipper, so you can slide your jacket or water bottle in easily.

The zippered shoulder pocket is perfect for storing your phone, wallet, soft flask, and other small items.

Another unique feature of this product is the use of drawcords for easy adjustment.

Running belt with three pockets

The RUSH 1 AIR is a simple running belt with three pockets. The stretchable power mesh holds bottles and other items securely. We recommend using this with a RUSH running pack.

The middle pocket is designed for bottles to be inserted diagonally with ease.

Use the zippered side pockets to store your phone, wallet, and other small items, and prevent them from falling out while you are running.

We recommend using this with RUSH 3 AIR and other RUSH products.

Rinse and go!

The power mesh provides excellent breathability and stretchability. The product can be washed together with your other sportswear.

RUSH 1 AIR can be folded into its own side pocket for compact storage. Weighs approx. 100 g.

RUSH 3 AIR can be folded into its own shoulder pocket for compact storage. Weighs approx. 115 g.


Back in 2015, I decided to develop RUSH AIR after a few trail runners asked me, “Can you make a lighter RUSH with good breathability? It doesn’t matter if it’s flimsy.”

I started working on this new product by recreating the vest wrap structure that is unique to RUSH using a breathable mesh material. However, I hit a wall after a few trials and errors—which often happens when I’m developing a new product—and that was when I met Joe Grant, an amazing trail runner from America.

When I found out that he was coming to Japan, I rushed over to meet him with my latest prototype for RUSH AIR. He put it on and we went for a jog together while he reviewed my pack. Joe is known to be a minimalist among American runners, so he immediately took a liking to the simple design of RUSH AIR. “This is enough for me to go on a 100-mile race,” he praised. After his trip ended, he continued to give me detailed advice via email and video conferences. He even used RUSH AIR when he did the Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run in the summer of 2016. It was a dream to develop a product in such a way.

His words gave us the courage we needed to make RUSH AIR into a proper product and the end result turned out to be fairly close to the concept model that we first came up with in 2012. This stylish running pack is the simplest model available on the market and it can be worn on the street or while traveling.

Pack and go!


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