Fastpacking in comfort

A lightweight bag with excellent stability,
it wraps around your body perfectly and is easy to reach.
Every part was carefully designed, from its revolutionary form to each belt.
RUSH 28 helps you move faster.

Vest wrap concept

We used the vest wrap concept, which is a key feature of the RUSH series, for this product because it makes people feel like they are wearing a vest instead of carrying a backpack. The form, center of gravity and harness structure are instrumental in ensuring that the bag matches the contours of your body. The top stabilizer tends to be weak for this type of bag, causing the upper part to move uncontrollably, which in turn ruins the upper body balance and puts stress on the body without the person realizing it. To resolve this problem, we designed a unique stabilizer structure and added a wide shoulder belt.

Vest wrap form
The bag is designed to wrap around your body from the shoulder to your back. We were able to improve the fit by optimizing the center of gravity.

Top stabilizer
The top stabilizer is connected to the flap that opens the bag. Simply pull on the strap to move the load on the upper part of the bag closer to your body.

Wide shoulder harness
The padded shoulder harness is designed to cover your shoulder and chest and distribute the load of the bag.

Back panel for those with average build
The back panel and harness are designed to fit bodies that are approximately 160 to 180 cm tall. We used air mesh for the material because it has excellent sweat absorbing properties.

Speedy adjustment

Side compression is a common method used to prevent the contents of a bag from moving around, but the bag will lose its shape without a hard back panel and it is a hassle to have to pull the belt on both sides all the time. Consequently, we came up with a center compression method to resolve this issue. This new structure makes it possible to make quick adjustments to the bag after you put things in or take them out.

Unique center compression method
This method provides a quick and easy solution to stop items from moving around in the bag when you are in motion. Simply pull the cord on the center of the bag to compress the items inside vertically.

Adjust the load while carrying the bag
Works with the top stabilizer to move the center of gravity closer to your body when you pull the cord. You can adjust the load without taking off your backpack.

Easy access

The RUSH series applies the same basic concept as Pathfinder, which allows you to keep what you need in front of you. Unlike other backpacks with a similar design, RUSH 28 has a large shoulder pocket so that your water bottle and snack bars stay within easy reach when you are running. We also made sure that the items in the bag can be reached easily in order the reduce stress when packing.

Large shoulder pockets
The stretchable shoulder pockets can be found in all RUSH series. The lower pocket can hold a 500 ml bottle, while the upper pocket can hold snack bars and other small items.

Side and top pockets
We used mesh for the side and top pockets to ensure high visibility. They are designed to be tight for a sleek look and to prevent items from falling out.

Slanted opening of the main body
The bag opens at a 45 degree angle towards the back, so you can grab the items inside easily by lowering the bag and loosening the top stabilizer.

Easy removal
You can turn the bag to the front while wearing the waist belt, so you can take things in and out without lowering the bag to the ground.

Wide opening
The bag has the same wide opening as a 50L backpack. This makes it easier to pack and reach items at the bottom.

Top holder
You can attach a roll-up mat under the flap. It holds items well and does not hinder neck movements.


I remember visiting a store selling outdoor gear in Shinjuku about 25 years ago. I found a 30L backpack that was on sale and asked one of the sales assistants, “If I don’t put a lot of things in it, can I use it for tent camping?” As expected, he recommended a 60L Millet backpack instead with a wry smile. I was a poor student at the time, so I went to a different store and ended up buying a 30L backpack that was on sale.

When fall came, I packed my bag with just the bare essentials and headed out. I climbed the 2,016-meter Mt. Kumotori in high spirits and set up my tent in the evening. It turned out to be a long night as I battled the cold and hunger and I was utterly defeated by the elements. After I graduated, I joined a company and bought a 60L backpack with my salary. I also found out about the different tricks to survive a night in the mountains. But for some reason, I still really wanted to do a camping trip with a 30L backpack. I kept thinking about how fun it would be if I could spend a night in the mountains with just one small backpack.

Months and years passed. As ultralight hiking and trail running became more popular, the technology for outdoor equipment improved rapidly as well. With the right gear and planning, it is finally possible to do a camping trip with a 30L backpack. After my failed attempt on Mt. Kumotori all those years ago, I can finally fulfil my dream of designing a 30L backpack for an overnight camping trip—one with a unique design that is light and can cover a great distance.

However, as usual, the product development took time and I stopped the project a few times. It wasn’t until I took part in the OMM race, a two-day orienteering race, in 2014 that I hit a turning point. I was using one of the prototypes during the race and my friends complimented me on its light weight and simple design, but I had actually achieving it by removing “comfort” from the product requirements. While I know that a certain degree of discomfort is expected in a race, I realized that that was not the kind of product that I wanted to make for Paago Works. The following day, I returned to the idea board and reviewed the RUSH goal of “reducing users’ physical and mental stress.” I then went back to making more prototypes until RUSH 28 was born. It is the ideal backpack and has a completely different design and structure.

When I think about it, both hikers and runners want a backpack that is light and can cover a great distance, and I think that is a common goal for backpack developers. RUSH 28 is ideal for fastpacking, but it is not just meant for those who want more speed and less weight. Try using it on your next trip to the mountains and pack a lighter set of gear. RUSH 28 will help you move faster and I am sure you will discover a different way of enjoying the nature.

Pack and go!


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