Everything you need in one

Have you ever felt like you just don’t “want to stop” while walking on a nice trail?
With the Pathfinder, it’s possible to carry everything you need in front during the trek, so you won't need to take off your heavy backpack anymore, to get what you need.

The original chest bag

The biggest feature of the Pathfinder is that it allows you to hold everything you need while in action in front of your body. The load is redistributed towards the backpack thanks to the special attachment, putting less burden on the body. Compared to the previous model, the mounting position is set lower, allowing a more natural feeling when worn.

Main room
The pockets in the main compartment have been designed and laid out considering both easy use and weight balance. Organizing the tools frequently used during trekking is made easy. And since you can see the tools at a glance, nothing is left behind.

Never get lost again
Map pocket
A clear pocket with a large opening lines the front of the bag. A space large enough to hold standard mountain maps and guidebooks, making it easy to use a compass to confirm your current location.

Wherever I go
Responding to various outings, you can choose from among 2 available sizes, depending on your needs and preferences. By adding the shoulder strap attachment, it can be used as a shoulder bag or a simple waist bag, responding to your needs.


With the catchphrase "Backpackers, Become Frontpackers As Well,” the first Pathfinder was launched in 2003. Since then, we have had many loyal customers, many of whom have gladly shared their thoughts with us. Their valuable input allowed us to make many minor changes.

In 2011, keeping the original concept, a full model change was decided on in order to focus on trekking use. By overhauling the storage capacity and operability, the bag was reborn as a mountain tool that everyone can use with confidence. Relieving travelers and trekkers from those "small worries" that come with the sport, and allowing them to enjoy the nature even more---the Pathfinder continues to evolve with this philosophy at its core. It gives us joy if the Pathfinder serves you as your ultimate necessity whether you are hiking or setting off on an adventure.

Let's leave the small stuff to the Pathfinder and go outdoors!

Pack and go!


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