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NINJATENT is more than a sleeping tent.

Sleeps up to two people

Spacious awning room
This spacious tent provides ample space to take in the landscape or just simply relax while guaranteeing privacy. If you want to enjoy your meals outdoors, extend the awning on the tent’s front flap to create a larger space.

Wide entrance
The built-in tarp awning is designed to elevate your camping experience. The awning is propped high to provide maximum ease when entering or exiting your tent. There’s also enough floor space to sleep two people.

Wind control

Rear ventilation
The tent comes with unique ventilation technology to control wind and air flow by easily adjusting the rear flysheet from the comfort of your tent.

Large mesh panels
The inner tent’s front and back are lined with large mesh panels. The interior stays cool as the tent is designed to release air that would normally be trapped between the inner tent and tarp flysheet which is attached by hooks.

Light yet comfortable

Unique material
By carefully selecting our materials, we are able to produce this tent that is lightweight yet durable. The pole is made up of DAC NSL Featherlight™. Both sides of the flysheet and inner tent’s floor fabric are made up of silicon-coated nylon.

Maximum utility
We’re all about maximizing space and have built in six large utility pockets in the tent space. There are six gear loops on the ceiling and a 20-cm. back zipper.

Practical innovation

Ninja storage case
The NINJA TENT reflects our “Ninja” style: smooth, discreet and quick. You can pack your tent quickly and easily in a unique rollable and foldable storage bag. It’s easy to pack up the tent by using its pole as the central axis. When packed, the tent takes up 45 x 15 centimeters and is practical for bikepacking.

Unique rain drainage system
We’ve come up with unique solution to drain rainwater that pools on the awning, so you can camp in light rain with ease.



Price :
$430 +tax
Contents Included :
a freestanding inner tent, a rainfly, a rolling stuff bag, 7 stakes, 2 shock codes, 2 poles, a ground sheet and a repair kit.
Dimensions :
120 x 220 x 105cm (47" x 87" x 41")
Minimum Weight :
1160g(a rainfly, an inner tent and 2 poles)
Weight :
Sleeping Capacity :
Season :
3 seasons
Main Fabric :
30D Nylon both-sided silicon coated
Color :
Dark gray


NINJA TENT’s story starts four years ago when we moved our manufacturing site for NINJA TARP to Vietnam. The manufacturing site we moved to was a prestigious factory that had many years of leading the industry. Many lightweight US brand tents were manufactured here. At first, I doubted if this factory would accept small orders from PAAGOWORKS. But after seeing how passionate I was about our designs and ideas, they decided to produce NINJA TARP for us. I was ecstatic.

At that moment, I told myself that one day, I would produce a tent with them—not just
because it was something I wanted to create as a designer, but also as a token of gratitude to this manufacturing site.

NINJA TENT’s conceptualization started here. I had two goals: one, to create a tent that I would want to have, and two, a tent that would be light, strong, wide and comfortable. It may sound self-indulgent to want all these things, but I took on this challenge. I started the process by sketching as usual, creating a 1/5 scale, and then made full-scale samples. The whole process was so exciting and challenging that I even forgot to sleep or eat sometimes! The feeling of realizing I accurately created the exact space I simulated using the scale models and CAD technology was wonderful.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing. The first sample we received was much smaller and narrower than what I had expected. ‘How could the world’s best tent manufacturer make a mistake like this?’ I thought. Disappointed by the unexpected sample, I flew to their R&D office so that I could demonstrate how this tent was not what I had designed and point out where they had erred.

However, the directions and measurements were all correct! So what was wrong?

It was the difference in climates. In Japan, we have dry winters. The factory is humid and hot just like midsummer. Due to the high temperature and humidity, the fabric sample made at the factory shrunk approximately five centimeters when it was sent to Japan. Although I understood how nylon fabric stretches, I was shocked when I saw it in actuality.

There were other detailed adjustments and tweaking I had to do. I changed NINJA TENT’s release date several times and took up the factory’s time and costs, and I was sorry for confusing them. In the design world we say, “When a designer gets inspired, the people around struggle.” It’s a typical scenario in the design world and this NINJA TENT is exactly that.

To those of you who get this Ninja Tent, I hope you can feel a bit of that a designer’s indulgence.

Pack and go!

2019/10/25 PAAGO WORKS CEO Tetsu Saito

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