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The ultimate multi-purpose backpack

Our original FLEX-PACKING modular system has evolved even more.
This backpack withstands any and every type of outdoor adventure.
It’s up to you how you want to use it.

Freedom of packing

Cargo 55 is our take on the modern shoiko (hauler pack frames built specifically for carrying heavy equipment outdoors). Its main feature is its unique packing method. The large front panel and side belt firmly keep the pack together, allowing you to pack even irregularly sized tools.

Adjust the side belt to support up to 55 liters. This feature allows the backpack to flexibly carry from light/minimal to heavy equipment.

Limitless modular design

Depending on how you want to use your backpack, you can add or remove all pockets including the top lid, inner bag and side pockets.

Cargo 55 comes with a 15L zippered bag and a 30L rolled bag. Both are seam-sealed dry bags that are designed for functional simplicity and can withstand some rain.

Comes with two bottle pockets which can hold a 1L Nalgene bottle each and be attached to the backpack’s side belts.

Includes two zippered 1.5L side pockets which can be attached to the backpack’s side belts.

This detachable large-capacity top lid can also be used as a shoulder bag or chest bag like the Pathfinder bag. Buckle attachments and shoulder belts are sold on our online store separately.

Back Panel

The back panel is composed of a lightweight aluminum frame and stiff foam which firmly supports heavy weight.

The back panel can be removed to be dried during a sweaty or rainy hike or washed after your adventure.


Price :
$260 +tax
Volume :
Weight :
1300g / 2.9lbs
Contents Include :
1 x 15L water proof bag, 1 x 30L water proof bag, 2 x 2L side bags, 2 bottle holders
Material :
420D Nylon PVC
Color :


This may sound strange, but I love shoiko, hauler pack frames built specifically for carrying
heavy equipment outdoors.

Whether I was attending design school, scaling Mt. Fuji with my friends on a mountain bike, or climbing Japan’s Northern Alps for the first time, the shoiko came with me. The freedom that I could pack any gear and equipment I wanted and go anywhere I wanted really stuck to me. It’s like the same freedom you get from packing anything a pick-up truck.

That is why I started to develop the CARGO with PAAGOWORKS.

CARGO 35 in 2012 was the first version I designed. I called it the “freedom of the backpack” and it was well received by outdoor enthusiasts.

I released the CARGO 40 in 2014, in response to our customers’ requests for a backpack that they could use over and over again in extreme outdoor situations.

This time, CARGO 55 was developed with a focus on flexible storage capacity.

A backpack has only two basic elements, to carry and to store. Cargo focuses on freedom of the “storage”. To best develop storage efficiency, I looked at what was actually being packed and tested my prototypes with a variety of random things: necessities for long treks, mountain bikes, a pack raft, camera bag, tripod, trash cans...and even our new and unsuspecting staff members.

After many tests, I made a major structural change: we shifted the weight support from the side panel to the front and back panels. This front-back panel system has a wider capacity and adjustment range, plus it handles irregularly sized objects. It might even be more flexible than the traditional aluminum hauler pack.

Although our versatile CARGO 55 comes with many attachable pockets and packs, I encourage you to first use the CARGO 55 in its simplest form, then use your imagination to think of creative ways to use it on your adventures.

Pack and go!

2019/11/23 PAAGO WORKS CEO Tetsu Saito

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