PAAGO WORKS is a Japanese outdoor brand that was launched in 2011.

PAAGO is a made-up word taken from “Let’s Pack And Go,” with the implied message “Let's pack and go out on an adventure!”
Our brand logo is an origami of a shuriken (throwing star); the origami represents creativity while the shuriken represents functionality. As a Japanese weapon, the shuriken also expresses my desire to create a tool that can be used by people from all over the world.

Our products are unique in that we do not follow established norms and they can be used comfortably by anyone. To that end, we strive to design and develop products every day based on the concept of “UNIQUE & UNIVERSAL DESIGN.”

There is no greater joy than playing with our families and friends outdoors. As humans, it is essential for us to spend time in nature and we hope that you will take our products with you for those special moments.

Pack and go!

Tetsu Saito, Paago Works CEO

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